Mobile Laser Scanning and Mapping

Power smarter project decisions with Optik's ultra-fast mobile laser scanning and mapping services.
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Asset Integrity Management (AIM) Services

Our Asset Integrity Management Group (AIM) provides a full suite of specialized solutions to ensure the reliability, safety, and longevity of your critical assets.
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3D Rendering and Modeling

Discover Optik's 3D Rendering and Modeling services, designed to bring your architectural and construction projects to life with stunning realism and precision.
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As-Built Drawings

Optik Technical Solutions LLC delivers meticulously detailed as-built drawings, providing an accurate record for effective renovation planning and compliance.
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Workflow Animations

Optik Technical Solutions LLC offers Workflow Animations to break down complex processes into simple, clear steps, enhancing understanding and communication for all project stakeholders.
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Virtual Reality (VR) Walkthroughs and Training

Optik Technical Solutions LLC provides immersive VR Walkthroughs and Training, allowing clients and teams to experience projects and training in virtual reality.
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Aerial Services

Optik Technical Solutions LLC provides advanced aerial photography, videography, and mapping services, utilizing drones for precise, efficient data collection.
petrochemical plant in baton rouge from air view of stacks